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Healthy Diet-Based Dinners The Entire Family Will Love – Dieting Doesn’t Have to Taste Bad!

The mention of dieting meals typically evokes thoughts of bland, tasteless food. With a little planning and preparation, you can have dieting meals that are sure to please even the pickiest palate.

Seven Low Carbohydrate Options

Low carb diets have seen reemerging popularity recently with the success of plans like Paleo gaining loyal followers. Try any of these delicious and diet-friendly low carb options: spaghetti Bolognese with spaghetti squash instead of pasta, enchiladas made with cabbage leaves as ‘tortillas, or broiled salmon with olive oil and lemon juice.If those aren’t for you, try stir fry with cauliflower ‘rice,’ steak and veggie kabobs, shirataki noodles with mushrooms, and meat sauce, or almond-crusted tilapia (great alternative to refined flour).

Seven Vegetarian Options

Because cutting out meat is a quick and easy way to cut calories and saturated fat it remains a perennial favorite for losing weight and getting healthier. These vegetarian meals can’t be beaten for weight loss and taste: bean burrito, butternut squash soup, quinoa and diced vegetables (protein packed), baked tomatoes with egg center, loaded veggie pizza, sweet potato hash with onions and feta, and a warm spinach salad with boiled eggs.

Six Low-Calorie Options

In the most simple of terms, weight loss is achieved when the calories burned are greater than the calories consumed. As such, following a diet with restricted calories will lead to weight loss.These meals deliver taste and cut calories: taco soup (use only a small amount of meat to enhance flavor and rely on beans for the bulk of the soup), grilled chicken with fruit salsa (grilling is a great way to prepare lean meals), turkey burgers, skinless roasted chicken and root vegetables, bell peppers stuffed with a lean protein, and bison meatloaf.