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What Is the Mediterranean Diet and How You Can Easily Loose Weight by Eating Healthy

The Mediterranean diet is a very healthy and balanced diet. This varied diet combines the consumption of meat and fish with vegetables that are traditionally grown in the Mediterranean. In order to organize all the foods that make up the Mediterranean diet, the food pyramid was created, in order to establish which products and how often these had to be consumed.

Here are some of the main things that you can expect from the Mediterranean diet.

  • Olive oil is the basis of all Mediterranean cuisine
  • The products have to be fresh, natural and seasonal
  • Bread, cereals and pasta provide us daily carbohydrates that are necessary
  • Fresh fruit will be the usual dessert. Sweets and cakes will be consumed very occasionally
  • We eat cheese and yogurt daily
  • We will eat fish, poultry and eggs weekly
  • We will reduce the consumption of red meat and animal fat. Only once a month
  • Water is the drink of choice, but you can accompany your meal with a glass of red wine
  • Herbs are the best alternative to salt

This leads to a very healthy diet with extraordinary health benefits. It also provides protection from cardiovascular disease and reduces cholesterol levels. And secondly, it is rich in fiber and antioxidants that protect cells from aging.

How Does This Diet Help Me Lose Weight?: The Mediterranean diet, unlike other diets, is not aggressive with the body, thus, weight loss will not happen quickly and suddenly. Rather it will do it in a slow but effective way. With this diet, you will not achieve your ideal weight a few days later. The point of this diet is to instill good eating habits.

Preparing For a Life Long Diet: This diet is to educate both ourselves and our bodies, by eating healthy you will be well and able for a long period of time. The idea of this diet is that we follow the pattern of the Mediterranean diet for life.

How Much Weight You Should Expect to Lose 

With the Mediterranean diet, we will initially lose up to a pound in 7 days. After the first 4-5 weeks you will tend to stabilize your weight. The important thing here is that you eat in the healthiest way possible, that is what we should care more about.

Worldwide Support of the Mediterranean Diet

The Mediterranean diet is the queen of diets and therefore enjoys broad support worldwide, including international organizations such as WHO that supports this diet because it is a very balanced diet, which provides various options while allowing you to maintain healthy eating habits.

Sticking to Your Diet: When you start this diet, it is important that you stick to it and do not go off. This is especially important in the first few weeks because it allows you to get used to the idea of eating healthy and you will eventually even begin to enjoy the foods you eat.

Adding Exercise to Your Schedule: It is important that you add exercise to your routine as well, the reason for this is because it allows you to burn weight while you are dieting. This means that you will loose more weight because not only are you taking in less calories, but you are also burning off stored calories.