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Best Diet Plans That Work – Weight Loss Plans to Help You Lose 20 lbs or More!

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For those individuals who are looking to lose weight and get fit, it is wise to examine which dieting plans are best for you and which are geared toward other groups of people.

This article will aim to explain the most common dieting plans and what groups of people benefit most from each.

Calorie Counting / Points Counting Diets

Do you want to lose a lot of weight (40 lbs. or more)? This diet is for you. Other plans tout that you can lose 5 lbs. in a week, and it might be true. But that’s just water weight.If you follow the plan a few weeks more, you will see that your weight loss stagnates. The only way to lose 40 lbs. or more is to cut your calorie intake over a longer period of time.

Whole Food Cleanses and Detoxes

These types of diets can help you lose weight fast–especially water weight. Planning for a big event? Is your wedding or prom a week away? Do whole foods cleanse? You will be drinking a ton of water and consuming only foods of which you know the ingredients are “whole foods.” This means nothing processed or refined. No sugars, chemicals, alcohol, caffeine or bread.

Mediterranean Diets

These diets may help you lose a small amount of weight over a long period of time, but they have used more for health reasons–especially heart health. The Mediterranean Diet itself includes a lot of vegetables, fruits, whole grains, healthy fats (oils, olives, etc.) and fish. Don’t do it if you want to lose 20 lbs. or more or it may take a long time.

Master Cleanse Diets

Again, the Master Cleanse and diets like it (which only allow you to have a very limited number of food products like lemons and cayenne pepper) are for people who want to lose weight very quickly, especially for an event.Doing this will shed your water weight fast and may shave off a few extra pounds because you will be eating an incredibly low amount of calories.

Cavemen / Paleo Diets

These types of diets are best for men or women who enjoy CrossFit or heavy lifting. They incorporate veggies and fruits, but absolutely no carbs and a ton of proteins in the form of eggs, fish and other meats. You will also eat a lot of nuts and some legumes. If you want to bulk up or tone or if you are playing a lot of sports, this diet is for you.