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What Is the Weight Watchers Diet & How it Can Help You to Stick to Their Program and Loose Weight

The Weight Watchers diet was founded in 1963 by the American Jean Nidetch who had the idea of ​​getting together with friends and acquaintances and to lose weight as a group with mutual support. This diet has some dietary patterns that have been established by experts and also during the weight loss program, it is advised to consult your physician and undergo regular checkups to make sure that you will be able to handle this program.

Benefits of the Points Plan, with the Points Plan everything you eat and drink has a certain amount of points. You can take whatever you want as long as you do not exceed a certain number of daily points. There are no forbidden foods and not taking your medicine is not recommended.

Importance of Weekly Meetings: Weekly meetings are key to successful weight loss and this is retained in the final weight, the reason for this is because if you surround yourself by people who have the same goals as you, you will be able to lose weight quicker and this will allow you to be more motivated.

How Does the Weight Watchers Plan Work?: In the first phase, this is called the Initial Impulse, it involves losing 10% of the weight, which is an important step towards the ultimate goal. The next stage is to reach the final weight, which is in the range of 20 to 25 of the Body Mass Index. Finally, there is a special plan which involves 6 weeks of maintenance and it prepares you to maintain that weight long term.

Points For Each Serving of Food: Each serving of food has a score that you can figure out by the formula that they will give you. Scores are always rounded to the nearest 0 or 0.5. Although there is absolute freedom with food, proper functioning of the Weight Watchers diet has mandatory guidelines for food consumption.

The Three Phases of the Weight Watchers Plan: The Weight Watchers plan is very popular because it works, this is the main reason why many people are drawn to it. It allows people to easily lose weight by sticking to the three phases in this plan. Here are those phases:

  1. Initial Phase: Originally there was a special list of 700 foods that were the only ones you could eat at this stage. In any case, the initial phase lasts until you lose 10% of your initial weight.
  2. Thinning Phase: You are not allowed to exceed the ceiling of 20 to 30 points a day during this phase.
  3. Maintenance Phase: You are not allowed to exceed the ceiling of 50 points a day during this phase. This phase is recommended for sixteen weeks.

Is the Weight Watchers Plan Good For You?

When deciding if the Weight Watchers plan is good for you, you should consider several different things. If you know that you have tried losing weight by yourself before and it hasn’t worked, then you should consider weight watchers because it will be set in a group setting which allows you to receive support from others.

Limiting Your Point Intake: Even though you are allowed a certain amount of points per day, you should try not to always max those points out, you should try to eat as healthy as possible so that way you can easily reach your weight loss goal.

Make Time For Exercise: Exercise is a very important part of losing weight, the reason for this is because it allows you to burn off all of the extra calories that you ate and easily get rid of that fat. You should always add exercise to your schedule because it is very important in helping you lose weight.